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Quiz Updated Nov 26, 2017

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Years a President serves in a full term: 6
Full terms a President can serve: 3
# of different men who have served as President: 45
# of different men who have served as Vice President: 45
Oldest age a President was elected: 65
Presidents who were born or died on the 4th of July: 5
Presidential terms elected to by FDR: 5
Days that William Henry Harrison served in office: 24
# of points in a famed speech given by Woodrow Wilson at the end of WWI: 10
Children John Tyler fathered: 12
Vetoes issued by Thomas Jefferson while in office: 75
Question/NumberOver or UnderActual Answer
Vice Presidents who became President: 16
Presidents who died in office: 6
Age of Theodore Roosevelt when he assumed the Presidency: 45
Vice Presidents that served under FDR: 5
Presidents buried in Washington, D.C.: 5
Speakers of the House that became President: 2
Unmarried Presidents throughout their lifetime: 3
Presidents born west of the Mississippi River: 7
Presidents who were elected to at least 2 terms: 15
Longest a President has lived: 95
Presidents whose sons became President: 3

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