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Can you guess the correct number OR come within 10 of the correct answer (answers will be # 01-99 only) for this game? See 'How to Play' for important note

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Number of squares on a chessboard
Days it took to play the longest game of Monopoly ever
Points earned for playing the word 'quacky' in Scrabble (assuming no scoring bonuses)
Tiles in a standard set of (double six) Dominoes
Number of unique cubes in a standard 3x3 Rubik's Cube
The number of spaces to go from Start to Home in Parcheesi
Number of playable holes on a Connect Four game
Points earned for rolling a Yahtzee in the game Yahtzee
Checkers on a checkerboard at the beginning of a game
Original number of colors available for Play-Doh in its debut
Number of territories in Risk
Faces on an Icosahedron die, used in Dungeons and Dragons
Toys enshrined in the National Toy Hall of Fame, in its inaugural year
Total number of characters, murder weapons and rooms in a standard edition of Clue/Cluedo
Record (in hours) of keeping a hula hoop in spinning motion, without stopping
Scale of a standard Matchbox Car to a standard automobile, 1:__
Number of property deeds (including railroads and utilities) in Monopoly
Marbles used in a game of Chinese Checkers (featuring 6 players)
Number of Silly Putty eggs sold worldwide daily (in thousands)
Number of circles on a standard Twister game mat

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