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Can you guess whether the actual game show related number is higher or lower than the given number?

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Consecutive days Ken Jennings won on 'Jeopardy:' 86
Single day earnings by Michael Larsen on 'Press Your Luck:' $100,000
'Price is Right' episodes hosted by Bob Barker: 5,000
Times 'Card Sharks' had its bank broken: 4
Claps Vanna White has estimated to have made on 'Wheel of Fortune': 1 million
Largest winnings ever earned by a single contestant: $3 million
Different game shows hosted by Bill Cullen: 30
Regular hosts of various 'Family Feud' editions: 4
First year of 'Match Game:' 'Match Game '73'
Highest payout for reaching top of any 'Pyramid' version: $1 million
Question/NumberActual Answer is Over or UnderActual Answer
Points needed to win originally on 'Password:' 15
Times top prize was awarded on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' U.S. versions: 6
International versions of 'Deal or No Deal:' 50
Classical music pieces used in each episode of 'Win Ben Stein's Money:' 10
The 'Cash Cab'' tagline says this many cabs patrol NYC: 10,000
First year that a same sex couple appeared on the 'Newlywed Game:' 2005
Consolation prize given to Zonked contestants in 'Let's Make a Deal:' $50
Amount offered in the 50's era quiz show 'The _____ Question:' $32,000
Numerical name of the rigged show Charles Van Doren competed on: 24
Highest amount of $ on the Melody Roulette wheel on 'Name that Tune:' $5,000

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