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Number of bathrooms in the White House
Self portraits painted by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
Number of liters of wine drunk per citizen of Vatican City, annually (the most in the world)
Human muscles required to frown
Most children birthed by a single human being
The amount of times the average person would circle the equator if counting all the steps they walk, in a lifetime
Percentage of the world's population that is left handed
Measurement in feet, a slinky would cover in distance if uncoiled and laid out flat
Percentage of citizens of Nauru considered overweight
Days it would take to become a millionaire if given $0.01 and your money doubled every day
The QuestionRight?Actual Answer
Calories burned in an hour by gum chewing
According to the slogan, the # of varieties of pickles Heinz produces
Age of the youngest human to give birth
Percent of life that a cat spends sleeping
Average life expectancy of a Japanese woman
Minimum number of ravens in residence at the Tower of London as per a Royal Decree put in place by Charles II
Number of intercourse partners the average British/American has in their lifetime
Gallons in an internationally standard size steel drum
Percentage of the American population who smoke cigarettes
Answer to the 'Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, & Everything' according to Douglas Adams

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