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capital of the world's newest country (2011)
capital of the world's third newest country (2002)
country bordering Senegal
U.S. state with the most Mormons
country with the most Shi'a Muslims
island synonymous with 'coffee'
sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
communist country
communist country
Hamburg's river
Pacific country with Hindi as an official language
capital of that country
largest city on the Rhône
famous for its Leaning Tower
Japanese city, shares its name with an NBA player
city known as Christiania until 1925
desert in China and Mongolia
Arizona city, Spanish for 'table'
Irish name for Ireland
capital which completely surrounds an entire country
largest city on Hawaii's main island
canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean
largest city of the Baltic states
capital of the world's largest island
mountain range separating Europe and Asia
easternmost country of the Arabian peninsula
Pacific island known locally as Guåhan
former name of Thailand
mountain range containing Vaduz
iconic Japanese mountain
largest tributary of the Mississippi by volume
location of the Terracotta Army

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