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Can you name the Most Played Phish Songs in the 3.0 Era? (Originals and Covers since 2009)

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HintAnswerTimes Played
This song is about birthdays100
Angsty song about living while young99
The road was his end99
This has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my way96
You can feel good about this96
An alternate version takes place in a grocery store93
You ought to see the Man Mulcahey88
Trey handed the telephone to Liz88
Me no are no nice guy86
The moment ends85
Won't you step into the freezerprise85
Share this song that typically comes after hydrogen85
Check out the one from Tahoe 07.31.1384
Don't go back here82
It's growing brighter now81
We love to take a bath!77
I can't believe the coal lasted for this long75
Trey once called this song 'very radio unfriendly'75
You never listen to me anyhow74
Her words were words I sailed upon74
This won't let me through, but I still saw the city and zoo73
Give the director a serpent deflector72
HintAnswerTimes Played
I'm floating in the blimp a lot72
For many years this song followed Oh Kee Pa72
I'd know your name if you were here more of the day71
Saw you dancing with Elihu70
Theme from a Kubrick film69
Played during the second hiatus at Brad Sands' wedding67
Ann Marie Calhoun does this in the fiddle and it's incredible67
It took Trey a long time to do this65
Probably the worst song on Joy65
Living here is so stupendous64
Most disputed lyrics to any Phish song (also most played in 1.0 era)62
This flows through the hourglass61
Lizard chant59
Trey played this with Dave Matthews in Senegal58
It's the salt that's in our tears57
The title of this song gives away the guitar chords56
You'll never get out of here56
This king was evil56
Fish's drum tech55
The main riff came from The Curtain With55
Velvet Underground cover55
It's different than an asteroid54
Son Seals penned this. RIP.52
HintAnswerTimes Played
So I ask you why if I'm swimming by52
These are flocking outside51
What ever happened to this guy's travels?50
Trey and friends wrote this in the 8th grade50
Think jazz odyssey and butchers in the store50
C.S. Lewis novel48
One of the instrumentals off Farmhouse47
Stones cover, usually encore47
It preceded the cheesecake chant in Big Cypress46
Contains Trey's favorite Tom line 'tossed with the salad and baled with the hay'46
One of several Phish songs about dogs46
The Horse usually precedes this song46
Stevie Wonder standard45
Page walks around the stage when he sings this45
Title track from 2014 album43
TV on the Radio cover41
One of three 'play it Leo' songs41
This replaced hydrogen for a while in Mike's Groove41
Page and Trey cried while singing this at Coventry41
2009 album title track40
Talking Heads cover39
Trey wrote a 'Part 2' to this song that was only played in 94-9538
Mike song that is just numbers37

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