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Can you name the jewish athletes and coaches?

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3 time gold glove catcher, went to '05 WS with Astros 
Current slugging RF for the Blue Jays 
1st DH ever, played for Yankees 
Player-Managed Indians to win World Series, HOF 
2 time Silver Slugger for Brewers 
Relief pitcher for the Athletics 
239 career wins, 2 WS, six 20 win seasons for early 1900's Cubs, HOF 
18X all-star 2B/1Bman, MVP for Twins and Angels 
Signed by Giants to draw crowds because of Judiasm 
Current young 1st baseman for the Mets 
Relief pitcher for the Rangers 
Relief pitcher for the Cubs 
100 RBI and 100 Runs 4 times, 49 homerun season 
2X WS, 2 MVP, Right handed RBI record holder, HOF 
2 no-hitters, 3 WS for Oackland A's 
outfielder for the Rays, played for Boston and Milwaukee 
Rangers All-star 2nd baseman 
4 no hitters including perfect game, Cy young, HOF 
Pitcher for '06 champion Cardinals 
Original 'Hebrew Hammer', WS, MVP, HOF 
Brewers pitcher 
pitched for 5 MLB teams, AL Cy young, HOF 
catcher helped dodgers get to 4 WS from '74-81 
1st baseman for the Red Sox 
Owner of the Rockets 
HOF, Coach for the Celtics, 9 championships, trophy named after him 
First basketball player from Israel 
helped win 2 championships for the Lakers 
Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers 
HOF coach and player 
Owner of the Bucks 
HOF player 
HOF coach 
Guard for Duke 
All-star PF for Phoenix and New York 
Safety for 49ers 
backup QB for the vikings 

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