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Can you name the words in this ladder relating to the theme of Canadian music?

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Hint5-Letter Word / Name
Indie-pop band, sings A Song Is A Weapon
Cooks by burning the surface, like steak
Perceives audibly
Band featuring Ann and Nancy Wilson
Drummer for the band Rush: Neil ___
Oysters grow these
Equal or peer
Band: Our Lady ___
Location or coordinates
What food is served on
Type of freshwater fish
Moss can be described as
Irritating or annoying
Pale in appearance
Band: The Tea ___
Rectangular gingerbread biscuit
Common name for a pirate's parrot
90s rocker ___ McNarland
Ski and outdoor clothing brand ___ Hansen
Portuguese-Canadian singer ___ Furtado
Bright green colour
Type of women's hairnet
Mixes together into one mass
Gangster's girlfriends are sometimes known as
Soil rich in decayed matter
Shed outer layer of skin or feathers
Reduce to powder
Band with hits Resurrection, Leave It Alone, Silver

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