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Can you name the U.S. place names of French origin?

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StatePlaceTranslation or Origin
MinnesotaNamed for Daniel Greysolon, Sieur _
New JerseyLiterally, 'bright mountain'
NevadaNamed after Civil War general
ConnecticutLiterally, 'mountain city'
MassachusettsLiterally, 'nice mountain' or 'beautiful mountain'
OhioFrom the French province of the same name
AlaskaNamed after a French-Canadian prospector and gold miner
KansasLiterally, 'the swan'
IdahoLiterally, 'Heart of the Awl'
ArkansasNamed for French general, Marquis de _
LouisianaLiterally, 'red stick'
MarylandLiterally, 'haven of grace'
HawaiiNamed for brothers Lewis and René Edward
ArizonaNamed after the World War 1 French Premier
MichiganLiterally, 'big point'
CaliforniaLiterally, 'nice air' or 'beautiful air'
MissouriNamed after 13th-century French king
AlabamaFrench name for the indigenous Mauvilla tribe
StatePlaceTranslation or Origin
North CarolinaNamed for French general, Marquis de _
IndianaLiterally, 'high ground'
OregonLiterally, 'misfortune'
WyomingFrom the French pronunciation of a Dakotan name for the Cree people
South CarolinaNamed for Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of _
MississippiFrom the name of the first French permanent settlement at Fort Maurepas
NebraskaLiterally, 'beautiful view'
VermontNamed after French city of the same name
North DakotaFrom the French 'Les Grandes Fourches'
IowaFrom river ''of the monks'
DelawareOriginally de la Guerre meaning; 'of the war'
IllinoisNamed after French explorer Louis _
Georgia'The Barn', named for the French Estate of Marquis in Arkansas clue
OklahomaLiterally, 'stake'
MaineFrom the French word meaning 'penninsula'
New YorkNamed after French explorer Samuel de _
KentuckyNamed for late 18th-century French king

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