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Population (est.)Time Zone (UTC offset)Notable Includes
1,578,332,733China, Malaysia, Central Indonesia, Philippines, Western Australia
1,313,334,597India, Sri Lanka
779,333,045Central Europe, Western Africa
585,168,798European Russia, Arabia, East Africa
445,080,472Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and Southern Africa
398,538,888Southeast Asia, West Indonesia
301,108,339Eastern Time (US/Can), Cuba, Haiti, South America
288,163,120Pakistan, Central Asia, Maldives
252,535,680Coordinated Universal Time - UK, West Africa
241,618,458Argentina, Brazil, Falklands, Uruguay, Greenland
240,604,308Central Time (US/Can/Mex), Central America, Galapagos, Easter Island
208,231,089Bangladesh, Bhutan, Omsk, East Kazakhstan, Xinjiang (unofficial)
187,360,619Japan, South Korea
99,051,407Atlantic Time (Can), Caribbean, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, Amazonas (Brazil)
61,526,901Pacific Time (US/Can), Pitcairn Islands
54,364,022Myanmar, Cocos Islands
40,307,463Samara, Caucasus, Gulf
32,872,730Mountain Time (US/Can/Mex)
31,400,559Eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Primorsky
24,213,510North Korea
6,157,399New Zealand, Fiji
1,971,761Central Australia (NT, SA)
1,919,028New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
1,713,232French Polynesia, Hawaii, Cook Islands
773,395Cabo Verde, Azores, Eastern Greenland
731,910Alaska, Gambier Islands
528,336Newfoundland, Southeastern Labrador
299,586Samoa, Tonga
55,593American Samoa, Niue
9,264Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)
8,809Line Islands (Kiribati)
2,784Fernando de Noronha, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
600Chatham Islands (New Zealand)
360Lord Howe Island (Australia)
200Eucla (Australia) - unofficial
0Howland Island, Baker Island (USA) - uninhabited

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