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AnagramCharacterHints/Unhelpful Ramblings
WAGGLE EYESOREShould be 'earsore'. Look at me and my clever comments.
GENTLY LIKABLE SHOCKSMakes his first appearance in Order of the Phoenix.
GAGA FIREBALLSounds about right.
LABEL WISELYThis is the sort of thing you start to care about when you're married.
WELL BRAINY STYLE Don't think Hermione came up with this description...
WE SALUTE HARRYAfter all, Harry did help save him in Order of the Phoenix.
HUGE HELPFUL FAFFProbably quite accurate, based on the stereotypes.
ITCHINESS PUKESOnly features in the final book.
I'M MANLIER CLEANClean or not, he's still annoying.
MAN SO HATEDBit harsh, he's Harry's mate...
SUPINE ADULTERYShe obviously has more than one big secret then...
I, A CLUMSY FOULHe's finally seeing himself for what he is.
URINE LUMPSChocolate won't help him this time!
ROMP AND NOT SHAKYActually, maybe a tiny bit shaky...
GALLANT... TERRIBLE SEXOh dear! Now we know why the big man keeps turning you down...
AnagramCharacterHints/Unhelpful Ramblings
RAMBO OR THE BEFUDDLER?The second one. Definitely not Rambo.
ON POMPOUS RATWorks at Hogwarts.
AGHAST, BOLD HABIT Mentioned in earlier books, she makes her first appearance in Deathly Hallows.
TRY HERO PARTAnd land the role.
IGNORE HER GERMANClearly German isn't her best subject...
FAIR, CLASSY MOANFair as in blonde, not just.
I'M A CHERUB'S COURTCourt. Remember that?
NERVOUSLY NERDToo boring to be a nerd.
THE GARLICKY DROOLIronically, his predecessor was the garlicky one.
GRUMPIEST ODORSPossibly the most boring Order member.
SLUDGIER BOREDOM Everyone's favourite villain.
REALLY WISE ACHEProbably has plenty aches to contend with, given his job.
GURU, IF SORER SCUMGuru, yes, but 'scum' is a bit much.

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