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Orange Caramel's full group?
Seungri, TOP, GD , Daesung, Taeyang (group name)?
Park Bom, Minzy, Dara Who's missing??
Super Junior's East Sea or Fishy?
Dream High's Baek Hee?
Jia, Suzy, Min Who's missing??
I'm ~ for you boy (fill in blank)?
Lady Hee Hee ?
Yoseob is a fanboy for her?
Xiah, Yoochun Who's missing??
Also known as AJ?
Super Junior's leader?
Onew's rhyming name for Yoogeun?
2pm's Thai Prince?
Chicken Maniac?
Dream High's Jason's Love (chracter name)?
One of the last 3 members to join T-ara?
Dr. Feel Good?
Simon's and Martina's (eatyourkimchi) dog's name?
F-art's Song?
No I can't stop thinking about ~?
Nichkhun's wife?
Dream High's Jason?
JYJ's Junsu?
What makes Beast a pet idol?
Hyosung, Sunhwa, Jieun Who's missing??

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