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so ONE hadeon TWO my girl THREE nuni busin rorellai ohhey lady FOUR my love FIVE 5bunman mannajullae
nun kkamppak hal sai neon tto Check it out
(song title) U-Know time max you know what time it is this is return of the king
When I see you my heart skips a beat
Nawa geuga jaldwe gireul bara shineun bundeureun throw your hands up, throw your hands up geuga naege hangeo boda jalhae julsu inneun bun throw your hands up, throw your hands up
Dancex3 till we run this town oppax2 I'll bex2 downx3
(song title) yeonghoneul bachilkkeyo (song title) jebal nal bada jwoyo (song title) dalkomhi jom deo dalkomhage soksagyeo naui serenade
(song title) nal parabwajwo (song title) jikyobwajwo ajik sarange sotul-jiman
My devil's ride deoneun sumeul goshi eobjanha geureohdamyeon
(song title) modeun ge don sesang won ane gadhin nuh what is your mind

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