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ex. V or 22Article or Amendment
Right of women to vote
Eighteen year-olds the right to vote
Created the legislative branch of government
Outlawed slavery in America
Right to trial by jury
Right to be confronted with witnesses against you
Presidential term limits
Full-faith and credit shall be extended to all citizens of the United States
Income tax
Right to peacefully assemble
Process for amending the Constitution
Outlawed poll-taxes
Requires authorities to have a search warrant
No cruel and unusual punishment
Must be informed of the charges against you
Right to keep and bear arms
ex. V or 22Article or Amendment
Established the Judicial branch of government
Direct election of senators by popular vote
Right to freely practice religion
Privileges and immunities
Eminent domain
Right to be provided assistance of council for trail
No double jeopardy
Process of obtaining witnesses for trail (subpoena)
Ratification process
Citizenship cannot be denied based on any previous conditions
Congressional salaries cannot be raised in same term as the law was passed
Quartering of soldiers in peace time
Presidential disability
No excessive bail or fines permitted
Guarantee of rights retained by the people
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
Established the executive branch of government

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