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Who was the captain of the Stargazer?
What is the registry of the USS Enterprise? No dashes/letters
What was the name of the starship that later renamed USS Defiant during the Dominion War?
What is Captain Sisko's favorite sport?
Who was Captain Janeway's fiancé?
What was Commander Riker's assignment prior to the Enterprise?
What ship did Commander Tuvok serve on prior to Voyager?
When did the Dominion War start?
What was special about the mines used to blockade the wormhole in DS9?
Who were the first hostile species Voyager encountered?
What instrument does Harry Kim play?
Who was the chief medical officer in TNG other than Dr. Crusher?
What ship is equipped with multi-vector assault?
What is the computer database the Federation uses?
What was Voyager's furtherest distance from earth (in lightyears)?
What do the Jem Hadar require?
What is the name of the episode of Voyager with Q's son?
Who was the traitor that later joined the Kazon in Voyager?
What do the Bajorans refer to Captain Sisko as?
Who was in command during the occupation of Bajor?
Who was the head Vorta in the Alpha Quadrant?
What is the Cardassian name for DS9?
What was the name of the large Federation communication array?
What is the name of the species that Voyager encounters in which their society is based on 'The Hunt'?
What is Worf's official title when he transfers to DS9?
What organization does Sloan work for?
What is the main dining hall called on the USS Enterprise D?
Who is Picard's 'twin' or clone?
What is the name of the ship the Enterprise E encounters near Romulus?
Which admiral sends Picard to Romulus in response to a request by the Remans?

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