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What was the name of Deep Space Nine to the Cardassians?
What rank was Benjamin Sisko when he took command of the station?
What planet is next to DS9? (or closest)
What is the inner ring of the station referred as?
What do the crew call the 'main bridge' of the station?
What year did Captain Sisko take command of DS9 (the first episode)?
What is the name of the head Vorta in the Alpha Quadrant?
What Federation vessel was the first destroyed by the Dominion?
What did Doctor Bashir's father do (at the time he visited him)?
Name four runabouts assigned to DS9 (destroyed or active): 1
Which Federation officer was in charge of security before he was discovered as a traitor?
Who was the Klingon high commander that was impersonated by a Changeling?
Who was the Romulan Senator that was killed in effort to persuade the Romulans to join the Dominion War?
Which religious group does Gul Dukat join that he believes will change the tide of the war?
What was the name of Captain Sisko's friend that later joined the Maquis?
What holodeck program do Julian and Miles repeatedly play that later lead them to build a scaled model?
Who was Dax's previous host?
What is the name/rank of Kira Nerys in the mirror universe?
Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat saved Dukat's daughter from which species?
Who was captured during the occupation of DS9 by the Dominion and charged as a terrorist?
What was the name of the baseball team Captain Sisko organized on the station?
What was the name of the hologram character that Dr. Bashir created in a Vegas-style program?
Where was Ezri Dax born?
What group was Miles O'Brien to infiltrate for Starfleet Intelligence?
What position did Worf change to after being permanently assigned to DS9?
What war did Miles O'Brien previously take part in?
Where was Captain Sisko's wife killed?
Who was the Admiral that worked closely with Captain Sisko during the Dominion War?

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