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what was used as a trap for the careers supplies
who kills rue
what does katniss do to try to make the gamemakers give her a low score (75th hunger games)
what does katniss wear to on the chariot before the 74 hunger games?
who kills clove?
who kills foxface?
who saves katniss when she is in the tree in the 74th hunger games ?
what is district 3 profession?
gale has how many people in his family including himself
gale goes to work as what after the 74th hunger games and before the 75th
gale has what that gets taken away in district 13?
what 2 wepons does beetee make when he is in 13 for the victors ?
whats is diffrent about finnicks trident in 13 than the one he uses in the games ?
what is prims goats name
who did katniss try to drowned before the hunger games

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