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QUIZ: Can you name the movies whose titles anagram into their own descriptions?

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Twins: 'Look -- cheater!' 
Truths and lies 
Panned, hissing: 'Hey! Flat Potter clone hijacking myth!' 
Heritage monster mantle 
Oh, wrath! Tyro hero + ally + pal shattered pendant  
I'm a clairvoyant trap 
Fantastic comedy -- all, uh, chowable 
I, U.S. soldier: Guns ... or bat? 
Gamed her toll 
Goofier Hasbro; I eject 
Hat 'trilogy' talk: No one defends Lucas' damn hijinks 
India: Morose, glum, ill 
Lost harsh nag; met girl afar 
Funnier Brad = great 
Can a brainsick city lover  
Robbed the oil well 
Our phony union? Ay, cruel crackdown!  
Forlorn; no duct money 
Trainer gal? Hard sell 
They feed London better red meat or beef stews  

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