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Can you name the Super Mario platformer (2D or 3D) that introduced the following elements to the series?

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InnovationSuper Mario game
Chain chomps
Ground pound
Navigable overworld map
Warp cannon
Rock power-up
'It was just a dream'
Does not necessarily shrink when Super Mario is hit
Warp whistle
Warp vase
Climbable vines
Ice power-up
Flight (via running liftoff w/ controlled descent)
Flight (via floating)
Boo and Dry Bones
Power squat jump
Blue coins
Mario is not a playable character
Ghost houses
Red Coins
Blue shell power-up
Bullet Bill
Sliding down a slope
Shy guys
Star bits
Wall jump
InnovationSuper Mario game
Crouching long jump
Submarine that you pilot
Insect power-up
Metal power-up
Dragon coins
Heart, not mushroom, for a 1-up
Warp pipe
Flight (with adjustable pitch and ability to regain altitude)
Wario appears as a character
Game tracks how many enemies you've defeated, and how
Star coins
Shadow Mario
Power stars
Can hijack airborne vehicle
Mini mushroom (Mario gets tiny)
Bunny power-up
Penguin power-up
Baby Bowser
Amphibian power-up
Purple coins
Keys that can be picked up, put into locks
Simultaneous multiplayer
No Luigi
Shine sprites

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