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DescriptionG-rated movie
Before the threesome in Y tu mamá también, the Dementors in Harry Potter, and the death of humankind in Children of Men, Alfonso Cuarón directed a G-rated literary adaptation.
Famously foul-mouthed writer/director David Mamet made this 1999 G-rated movie.
IMDb Parents Guide: 'Some minorly disturbing scenes of the aftermath of deaths. ... A dead man's wrist is cut open; his clotted, powdery blood pours out.'
Franco Zeffirelli got a G rating for this romance which showcases not just nudity, but his 15-year-old female lead topless in bed.
The lead in this 2008 G-rated movie has lines including 'Your love is teaching me how to kneel' and 'On a bed of nails, she makes me wait.'
Stanley Kubrick's only G-rated movie opens with one of cinema's most spectacular murders.
The title of Lindsay Lohan's only G-rated movie contains a clause that tabloids might use to describe many of Lohan's nights out on the town.
Released in 1979, only the first installment of this 11-film franchise was G-rated.
DescriptionG-rated movie
IMDb's top plot keywords for this G-rated caper are 'Gold,' 'Prison,' 'Sewer,' 'Car Chase,' plus one particular car model.
Between the R-rated Traffic and his on-the-down-low turn in Far From Heaven, Dennis Quaid made this G-rated biopic.
Conan and Soylent Green director Richard Fleischer got a G rating for this nonfiction tale centered on the deaths of almost 2,500 soldiers.
Gene Siskel died in 1999 shortly after naming this G-rated sequel (to a Best Picture nominee) as his last 'movie of the year' pick.
Barbra Streisand won the Best Actress Oscar for this G-rated biopic about a comedienne who ends up divorcing her ex-con husband.
Provocateur David Lynch made a G-rated movie that got an Oscar nomination for its 79-year-old leading man.
This G-rated foreign documentary from the '90s contains an very explicit two-minute sex scene, described by the New York Times as 'grand opera, with passions inflamed.'

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