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What do Stolichnaya's Limonnya and Absolut's Citron have in common?
What gives red wine the color lacking in white wine?
What is the primary difference between Chivas Regal and Gelnfiddich?
The combination of Angostura bitters and club soda is a bar remedy for what ailment?
What famous liqueur is made with Cognac and Triple Sec?
Southern Comfort is produced from peaches, peach liqueur, and what distilled spirit?
What is the alcoholic base of the liqueur Drambuie?
Chambord Royale Liqueur has the rich flavor of what fruit?
Where is Seagram's Seven Crown whisky produced?
What rum is marketed as 'The Planter's Punch Brand?'
What happens to Tequila when it is aged in wood?
What is Brandy distilled from?
Are most Scotch Whiskies blended or straight
What is Armagnac?
What liqueur bears the initials 'D.O.M.' on its label?
Bourbon is made almost entirely of what grain?
What gives gin its singular taste and aroma?
What is darker in color, Bourbon or Scotch?
What is Akvavit(Aquavit) made from?
What is the alcoholically-weakest method of preparing a Margarita?
In what order are the three ingredients layered in a B-52?
What is the most alcoholically-potent method of serving a Manhattan?
Which Vermouth is used to make a Southern Comfort Manhattan?
How is a drink prepared if the recipe calls for it to be 'built'?
What does the term 'neat' mean?
What is the continental term for a liquor served on-the-rocks?
Crown Royal is a premium example of what type of whiskey?
What two carbonated mixers are used to make a 'Presbyterian'?
How many ounces in a liter bottle?
What is the difference between a 'Kir' and a 'Kir Royale'?
How many liters in a magnum of wine?
What is the difference between a 'Sombrero' and a 'Smith & Kerns'?
Unless otherwise instructed, a 'splash' always refers to what mixer?
What piece of bar equipment is used to 'stripe' a Pousse Cafe?
What is the metric equivalent of the 'fifth'?
What solution is used in the third sink compartment behind the bar
What bitters is used to make a Campagne Cocktail?
What is the standard serving portion for a Dubonnet?
What are the two most frequently used fortified aperitif wines at a commercial bar?
What is Burgundy wine?
What is the primary difference between lagers and ales?
What will a wine's 'legs' reveal?
What is added to beer to make a 'Red Beer'?
French and Dutch currants are used to produce what liqueur?
What drink did James Bond 007 immortalize?
What is Sherry?
If a distilled spirits is 90 proof, how much alcohol by volume does it contain?
Wyborowa Vodka is imported from what country?
When serving this liqueur neat, the garnishment is three coffee beans?
What legendary barman invented the 'Blue Blazer'?
Is schnapps a liquor or liqueur?
What spirit is added to Benedictine to make the liqueur 'B. & B.'?
What is an Eau de vie?
What is Poire William
What name is given to Champagne and orange juice?
What is the visible indicator the fruit juice has spoiled?
A 'Wine Spritzer' is made with what two ingredients?
What is Rum distilled from?
What is the difference between a Chi-Chi and a PiƱa Colada?
What is a Vodka Gimlet made with Triple Sec named?
What is the one basic liquor poured at the highest proof?
What is the difference between a 'mist' and a 'frappe'?
What is Yukon Jack?
What name is given to a Martini garnished with a cocktail onion?
What drink requires the use of a 'bar muddler'?
What is the French designation for Creme de Almond?
The nutty-almond flavor of Amaretto di Saronno is actually derived from what product?
What is quinine water?
What is Tequila distilled from?
What Benedictine monk is credited with inventing the process of making Champagne?

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