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In Geography - Name the four bridges that connect Philadelphia to New Jersey within city limits
In Language - Outside of English, what are the other top five languages spoken in Philadelphia
In Holiday - What four companies have sponsored the Thanksgiving Parade
In Entetainment - What are the four children on 'The Family Circus', created by Philadelphia native Bill Keane
In Literature - Who are the four native born Philadelphians to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama
In Science - What do the letter of 'ENIAC' one of the earliest electronic computers, housed at the University of Pennsylvania
In History - What are the top five cities in Philadelphia County, not named Philadelphia in the 1830 U.S. census.
In Games - What are the five most expensive Monopoly in the Philadelphia version.
In Religion - What are the only five single gender Catholic high schools in Philadelphia
In Television - Who are the five members of the gang in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'
In Music - What six cities, outside of Philadelphia, are mentioned in the song 'Dancing in the Street'
In Just For Fun - What are the other six cities that have Sporcle Live in Pennsylvania
In Movies - What six films did M Night Shyamalan write that are based inside Philadelphia
In Sports - What are the last six team to lose a championship to a Philadelphia based team
In Miscellaneous - According the Fortune 500 in 2014, what are the six biggest companies based inside the city of Philadelphia

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