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You hope the equipment in this vehicle that travels on the sand doesn't have these type of problems.5
Something litigators do with cases, while inside these geo-political subdivisions. 5
It is the light source during an intimate meal, with this type of person.5
It is a type of meat that a bad actor might enjoy.3
You can lie around, like on your back, in this form of housing.4
The reason why you did this in the morning, was to see this flower.4
You can talk about this type of stamp collection, while enjoy a steak prepared this way.4
It is a container, that could hold old video recordings doing this sporting act. 3
DefinitionsWordNumber of Letters
If you are a mean boss, that does this cruelly to your employees, they could in set this on your shop in return.4
It is a type of fruit you can eat on this type of romantic rendezvous.4
If you take to many of this of the golf course, you might experience one yourself. 6
A spoken premeal ritual that could be given by someone with this form of elegance.5
This metal binding could be in the way of you eating this class of food.6
What you can do to a child, while riding inside one of these mechanical devices.4
You need this to buy this household food product, typically used for lunch.5

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