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Nickname of Philadelphia
Name of the founder, whose statue in on top of City Hall.
In September 1777, fearful of the British attack of the city, this national symbol was removed from Philadelphia for fear that with would be repurposed as a cannon.
Located at Elkin's Oval, this is the building where Rocky ended his training montage. Well, the steps of the building.
With the street address of 520 Chestnut Street, in Center City, this building is maintained bu the National Parks Service.
On January 1st, the city brings in the new year with this 11 hour parade.
While he did grow up in the Wynnefield section of West Philadelphia, he did not go move in 'with his Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air', as the song goes.
The name of the intracity basketball competition Between La Salle, Pennsylania, St. Joseph'a, Temple, and Villanona
The nickname of the Flyers as 'bullies' come from the name of this street, that stretches the city, along the north/south axis.
Originally named High Street, this is the street that crosses the city's east/west axis, interecting the above answer in the courtyard of City Hall.
While located on Kelly Drive, you get a much more scenic view of this group of buildings on Martin Luther King Drive across the Schuylkill River, at night.
The name of the river that forms Philadelphia's eastern border
In Philadelphia, U.S. 1 runs through the city known as a boulevard named after which president
WFIL was the orginal broadcaster of this one word dance show, before ABC took it, and it's host Dick Clark national
The ballpark use to stand at N 21st Street and West Lehigh Avenue, was remaned this after this long time American League manager and owner
The precursor to the Eagles played at the corner of Devereaux Street, and the name of this avenue that gave the team its geographical locator.
Located in the University City section, this is the other major university that is Penn's neighbors
Can you name one of the two cheese steak houses that sit across from each other at 9th and Passyunk.
This USFL football team, led by Jim Mora, weren't talking about playoffs in the mid 1980's, they were winning them.
This two term mayor, and former police commisioner of the city was not named after a character from the comedy act, 'The Jerky Boys'

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