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List the actors that have made appearances in both shows.

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Role from Doctor Who then Game of ThroneActor's Name
Voice of Hydroflax & Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Quayle & Mace Tyrell
Professor Candy & High Septon
Businessman (Gridlock) & Fighting Pit Announcer
Solomon & Walder Frey
Tim Latimer & Jojen Reed
Barman (The Wedding of River Song) & Old Man (The Rains of Castamere)
Security Guard (Bad Wolf) & Gold Cloak (The Night Lands)
Ross & Eddison Tollett
Captain Zhukov & Davos Seaworth
Cline & Gendry
Steward & Rodrik Cassel
The Fisher King & Mag the Mighty
Professor Richard Lazarus & Tycho Nestoris
Father Octavian & Jorah Mormont
Scaroth & Grand Maester Pycelle
Crew Member (Trial of a Time Lord) & Valyrian Slave (Oathkeeper)
Dr. Walter Simeon {A.K.A. The Great Intelligence} & Izembaro
Father Angelo & Pyat Pree
Prentis & Thoros
Grandma Connolly & Old Nan
Role from Doctor Who then Game of ThroneActor's Name
German Officer (Let's Kill Hitler) & Mero
Baines a.k.a.'Son of Mine' & Viserys Targaryen
Shona & Waif
Hasten & Wildling Elder (Hardhome)
Lieutenant Stepashin & Edmure Tully
Guido & Salladhor Saan
Silent & White Walker
Servant (A Christmas Carol) & Black Walder Frey
Tony Mack & Craster
Mrs. Gillyflower & Olenna Tyrell
voice of the Face of Boe & Three Eyed Raven
Emojibot & Braavosi Theatre Sound Artist
Captain Reynolds & Jory Cassel
Enrico Casali & Maester Luwin
Maldak & Alliser Thorne
General Asquith & Yohn Royce
Michael (The Lodger) & Guymon
Alfie & Dontos Hollard
Ashildr & Arya Stark
Joseph Green & High Septon (killed in King's Landing riots)
Skaldak & White Walker

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