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Can you name the Monoclonal Antibodies and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors?

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Growth factor inhibitor for IPF (TKI)Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Anti-VEGFMetastaic Colorectal, Metastaic Epithelial Ovarian/Fallopian tube
ALK and ROS1 inhibitor (TKI)ALK +ve Stage 3B and 4 NSCLCa
Anti-RANKLOsteoporosis, Bone Mets
Anti-PD1Metastatic Melanoma
Anti-igE Fc RegionAllergic Asthma
Anti-a4b7 integrinCrohn's and Ulcerative Colitis
Anti-IL-6 receptorSevere Acute RA
MEK Inhibitor (TKI)BRAF +ve Metastatic Melanoma
Anti-IL-12, Anti-IL-23Psoriasis
Anti-PD1Metastatic Melanoma
Anti-TNF alphaRA, Ank Spond, Crohn's, UC
Anti-CD30CD30+ve Anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Anti-EGFRMetastatic Colorectal Cancer
Anti-CTLA4Metastatic Melanoma
Anti-CD20CD20+ve CLL
BRAF inhibitor (TKI)Metastatic Melanoma
Anti-CD52Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Anti-CD20RA, GPA, follicular B cell NHL, etc.
PDGF, VEGF, Raf kinases (TKI)Barcelona C HCC, Stage IV Clear Cell RCC
EGFR inhibitor (TKI)EGFR +ve Stage 3B and 4 NSCLCa
GPIIb/IIIa receptor antagonistPercutaneous Intervention (PCI)
Anti-TNFalphaCrohn's, UC, Ank Spond, RA
anti-DabigatranDabigatran reversal agent
Anti-HER2/neu receptorHER2 positive Breast Cancer
Proteasome inhibitor (TKI)Symptomatic Multiple Myeloma
Bruton's TKIMantle Cell, CLL, Waldenstrom
anti-CD25 (T cell IL-2 receptor)Immunosuppresion - Acute Transplant Rejection
PiK3d inhibitor (TKI)Relapse Follicular B-cell NHLymphpma, SLL, CLL
Anti-C5 (Complement)PNH or aHUS
Anti-a4b1 integrinRelapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
PDGF, VEGF, c-KIT (TKI)Renal Cell Carcinoma
BCR-ABL Philadephia (TKI)Philly +ve CML

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