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Who is Harry's date to the yule ball?
Who steals the elder wand from Gregorovitch?
Who or What is the final horcrux?
Who tells Harry about the room of requirement?
What do you tickle to enter the kitchen's of Hogwarts?
Who accompanies Harry to Aragog's funeral?
Who is the captain of the Holyhead Harpies?
Who is Ginny's first boyfriend?
Who is consider the worst headmaster in Hogwarts history?
What class does Professor Vector teach?
Which teacher is killed at the start of the seventh book?
What is Fleur's Grand mother?
Which member of Slytherin is stuffed in the vanishing cabinet?
Which Weasley dies in the seventh book?
Who kills Bellatrix?
What potion makes the drinker tell the truth?
What does Krum transfigure himself into for the second task?
What is the name of Percy's owl?
Who overheard, and passed, the prophecy to Voldemort?
Who sent Harry the firebolt?

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