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Can you name the correct answer that is 4 letters long and starts with the correct letter?

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ClueAnswerStarts With
Largest continentA
Agent 007B
Pixar hitC
Dutch damD
Where Napoleon was exiledE
In ancient Greece, one of the four elementsF
Olympic medalG
Beer ingredientH
Dr. Frankenstein's assistantI
U.S. football player-turned-politicianK
Poisonous metalL
Shed feathersM
ClueAnswerStarts With
Inert gasN
Wilson brotherO
South American countryP
____ pro quoQ
Colonel, e.g.R
Wrath and gluttonyS
U.S. stateU
Presidential powerV
Potter possessionW
Comic book teamX
Chinese currencyY
Metal found in multi-vitaminsZ

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