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Married to Lily.
Kindergarten teacher.
Serial womaniser.
Newsreader from Canada.
Only a regular in final series.
Bartender at MacLaren's.
Taxi Driver..
Moves to Germany.
Leaves Ted at the alter.
Robin's co-worker, dates Barney.
Stripper at the Lusty Leapord.
Robin's therapist.
Barney's brother.
Marshall's law school friend.
Woman in the Bowers couple friends with Ted.
Man in the Bowers couple friends with Ted.
Works at MacLaren's.
Protests destruction of Historic NY building.
Obsessed with boats.
Co-host to Robin in series 5.
Barney's mother
Barney's biological father.
Makes board games.
Marshall's dad.
Marshall and Lily's first child.
Ted's old school friend
Ted's mother.
Ted's father.
Ted's step father.
Receptionist played by Brittany Spears.
GNB boss nick named Artillery Arthur.
Works at the front desk in the Farhampton Inn.
Travels with Marshall in series 9.
Robins boyfriend played by Enrique Iglesias.
Environmental Lawyer - Marshall's boss.
Designs a bank building in Washington.
Last woman Ted dates before meeting the mother.
Marshall and Barney's co-worker.
Fires Gary Blauman.
Victorias German fiancé.
Lily kicks him in the balls.
Bartender at Farhampton Inn.
Meets Ted at Halloween party.
Robin's dog-like boyfriend.
Robin's annoying co-worker.
Co-anchor at Metro News 1.
Lily's high school boyfriend.

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