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fact about sharkshark
They bury themselves in the sand or mud with only the eyes and part of the top of the body exposed.
second largest shark (about 30 feet long and 8,000 pounds)
about 6 feet long
among the fastest swimming sharks and can even leap out of the water # diet consists mostly of squid, bu
third most dangerous to people
eats perfecty round chunks out of living whales and dolphins by clamping its teeth extremely sharp teeth onto them.
pale, pinkish grey skin with a long pointed snout (it looks a bit like a sword on top of its head)
more attacks on people than any other type.
eyes and nostrils are far apart, giving it a 'hammerhead' appearance and allowing the shark to extend the range of its senses.
fastest swimmer (43 miles per hour)
fact about sharkshark
thin, fleshy, whisker-like organs on the lower jaw in front of the nostrils that they use to touch and taste
10 feet long
slightly poisonous spines (not very harmful to people)
10 foot tail (1/2 as long as the body) which it uses to herd small fish
second most attacks on people
biggest shark and biggest fish
dark grey with a white tip on the first and sometimes on the second dorsal fin as well as the tail lobes
filters food into its mouth with worm-like projections on its head
tail is half its length

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