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The first emperor of Tang
The first female emperor of the history of China (5000 years)
The capital of Song Dynasty
Bone-hard, white ceramic made of a special clay and a mineral found only in China
Clock in which machinery (driven by running water) regulated the movements
Block printing: one block on which a whole page is cut; moveabletype: individual characters arranged in frames, used over and over
Made from mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal
Paper currency issued by Song government o replace cumbersome strings of metal cash used by merchants
Floating magnetized needle that always points north-south; device had existed in China for centuries before it was adapted by sailors for use at sea
The largest empire conquered by who
How Genghis Khan conquered some of the land without fight
Another name of Mongol peace
What the name of the people who were nomadic and herded domesticated animals
Grandson of Genghis Khan who assumed the title Great Khan and ruled the entire empire after Genghis Khan die
A young Venetian trader who visited Mongol and pass his story to Eurpure about East Asia
Gov't type of Japanese
All the other influences on Japan, which one didn't worked out (from Tang)
The person who are supreme general of the emperor's army
bodyguard of loyal warriors
demanding code of behavior of samurai

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