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First empire in India
Who united most of the Indian subcontinent under one rule and was converted to Buddhism.
Second empire in India
A social system which the father is head of the family
A social system which the mother is head of the family
Which religon influnced by Hinduism and moved east and north of Asia
highest level of reincarnation caste system
road system used by trade from Asia to Eurpore
A recognition of people's right to hold differing religious beliefs
top achievement in Astronoy
gov't type of Han Empire
first emperor of Han
one of the 4 establishments of China( established during Han)
the first female emperor of Han
After Han dynasty fall, restored by which dynasty
what is the process of making conquered peoples part of Chinese culture
the captial of Han
the name of the river that located near the captial of Han
the name of the enemies of Han who were nomads and lived in Mongolia
the name of bureaucracy included 18 different ranks.(government jobs that civilians obtained by taking examinations)

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