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Clue'G' word
Hanging _________ of Babylon
16th to 17th century Britain era
Most populous country in Europe
Fat cat
Loud Monkey (lives from 35 to 40 yrs)
6 stringed instrument
A microrganism which cause disease
President before Barack Obama
Team of spook destroyers
Indian Peace revolutionist
Guinea Pig based movie
Largest of all apes
Clue'G' word
Biscuit man
Small metalic xylophone
Milk drinker
Often wear black make-up and black clothes
The study of physical features of the Earth
Largest Island
2 generations older than you
James and the _____ peach
Language of the Welsh
Desert located in parts of Southern Mongolia
Precious (yellow coloured) metal
William Shakespeare's theatre
Clue'G' word
Another word for foolish
Giant fantasy dinosaur
Libyan Leader
Gardeners are said to have ______ fingers
An increase in mass/size over time
The island from which the oldest turtle is from
Types include bubble and chewing
The embryonic digestive tube
Types include Borosilicate and Murano
A strong wind
______ just wanna have fun (song title)
Type of vandalism

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