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Can you name the word beginning with Q that's being described below ?

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DescriptionQ Word
Slang Term For £1
A Hard Glossy Mineral, Can Be Used To Measure Time
Fast-Paced Ballroom Dance
Five Babies Born From The Same Pregnancy
A Punctuation Mark Used To Attribute The Enclosed Text To Someone Else
US TV Series Starring Jack Klugman
Rice-Like Grain, Staple Food In The Andes
Female Monarch
A Type Of Keyboard Found On A Mobile Phone
Brand Of Clothing With A Mountain As It's Logo
Burger Weighing 4 Ounces
Any Animal Which Walks On 4 Feet
DescriptionQ Word
UK Sci-Fi Series Starring Scott Bakula
A Quarter Of The Circumference Of A Circle
Popular Sport Played In The World Of Harry Potter
Savoury Egg Custard Baked in Pastry
Four Babies Born From The Same Pregnancy
A Small, Short-Tailed Game Bird
A Musical Note Having The Time Value Of An 8th Of A Whole Note
A Small Country Bordering Saudi Arabia
A Line Of People/Vehicles Waiting For Something
Type Of Feathery Writing Implement
An Examination Consisting Of A Few Short Questions

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