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'We left this land of shiny lights, _____' 
'You tie me up, I've had enough, so _____'  
'My _____ friend, you got me in a mess of trouble again' 
'You're covered in my _____' 
'The _____: you're born, you die' 
'I need something, leave me _____' 
'I'll shove your head under _____' 
'There's a yellow brick road that we follow back _____' 
'Nobody knows, it's just a _____' 
Not specifically in lyrics . . . but : 'This _____ is over, I'm mean and older' 
'Your _____ is just as sweet as I am' 
'And I float upon a _____' or 'Can I stay alive _____?' 
We Are Not Alone
'You're _____, keep your hand in mine' 
'You must be out of your mind, this was a _____' 
'I'll _____ you if you _____ me' 
'_____, could you shine your light?' 
'Let me belong here, _____' 
'You're the part of me that I don't want to see . . . _____' 
'_____ you're gonna hate it' 
'What I found in this town, I'm heading for a _____' 
'I need you, they're coming to take you _____' 
'_____! I don't care what you want, I just want mine' 
'_____, _____, go away, come again another day' 
No Lyrics 
'I still try to find my place in _____' 
'You take the _____ right out of me' 
'Why have I gone blind? Live another life. _____' 
'Open your wings, _____' 
'But I will go on _____' 
'Say goodbye, as we _____ tonight' 
Not specifically in lyrics . . . but : 'I love your face, just get away' 
'So _____, fighting and trying to hide the scars' 
Not specifically in lyrics . . . but : 'Show me what it's like to dream in black and white' 
'You had to have it all, but have you _____?' 
'_____, flat on my lonely face I fell' 
No Lyrics 
'I still try to find my place in _____' 
Dear Agony
'Fast I _____, it's almost over, hold on' 
'_____, I will not break' 
'Live, fight, _____ back inside' 
'Days go by, _____, come back to the end, the shepard of the damned' 
'_____, I'm falling down. Filty, I can't wake up' 
'So I'll find _____ your sick twisted smile' 
'Sing the _____, and say the last goodbye' 
'After the _____ go _____ on you' 
'_____, just let go of me' 
'_____, faded and weary, I won't leave and let you fall behind' 
'Sing something new, I have nothing left. I can't face the dark _____' 

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