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Lil mama had a swag like mine, she even wear her hurr down her back like mine...
Im rare like mr.clean wit hair
Run up in a **** house and shoot his grandmother up, what? What? i dont give a motha ****!
Shut up bitch swallow, if ya cant swallow, shut up bitch gargle
Im like a turtle when i sip the purple, and i smoke that kuuush, yea that kush
Look honey, i aint neva ran from a ****, and i damn sure aint bout to pick tahday to start runnin
My name aint bic, but i keep that flame, like who that wanna do that boy you knew that chew then swallow
My word is my pride, But wisdom is bleak, and that’s a word from the wise
And i got a big bouqet of mary janes flowers, that kuuush
Blunt flickin', get money, **** bitches!
Started out hustlin, ended up ballin, **** im the ****, get the **** up out my toilet
Now if you let me you wont regret me, if you let me, you wont forget me, remeber? if you dont then ponder, hol' up, pow pow, theres a reminder
Say go dj, cuz that my dj!
Suck my dick with red lip stick and dont let it smear, and ive got a lot of tattoos, and i meant every tear
I knock on the door, hope isnt home, fates not around, the lucks all gone
P-u-s-s- Y? because its the reason i am alive get you, 3, 4 get you like the number after 1, ima get me 2
Aint that a female dog, ask her who i am to her and she yell 'god'
I know you dont understand, cuz you thought lil wayne was weezy, but weezy is wayne
Too many women, not enough time, ima cool kat, but im on life nine, pimpin aint dead cuz i be the life line, and i dont buy the bar cuz it dont sell white wine

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