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QUIZ: Can you name the vampire movies produced by Hammer Films?

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1958Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
1960David Peel, Peter Cushing
1964Noel Willman, Clifford Evans
1965Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley
1968Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies
1970Christopher Lee, Ralph Bates
1970Christopher Lee, Patrick Troughton
1970Ingrid Pitt, Peter Cushing
1971Yutte Stensgaard, Ralph Bates
1971Katya Wyeth, Peter Cushing
1971Ingrid Pitt, Sandor Eles
1972Adrienne Corry, Laurence Payne
1972Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
1973Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
1973Horst Jansen, John Cater
1974Peter Cushing, David Chiang

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