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Where does the movie take place?
What kind of motorcycle does Bob ride?
What is Ritchie's nick name?Introduces himself to Donna with this name
Who is the leader of the Silhouettes?Mentioned at the end of the garage party
Song Ritchie plays when auditioning for the SilhouettesA Little Richard song
Bob talking to Rosie 'what's there to say?...___ ___ __ _____ __ ____'After Rosie tells him she's pregnant
Song Ritchie plays with Bob at the barA Buddy Holly song
Bob's occupation (brother)
Song Ritchie plays in Bob Keane's basement
What kind of contest does Bob (brother) enter?
What brand of tequila does Bob feed to the rabbit?
Record label Ritchie signs with
What does Bob win from the contest he entered?
# of takes it took Ritchie to record Come On Lets Go(answer) takes, I didn't hear a difference in one of them man
Ritchie's full name
Place Bob takes Ritchie to get laid
What kind of meat is in the tacos Ritcihe eats at the old mans house?
What does Rosie name her daughter?She had a girl, we named her (answer)
Name of song Ritchie plays on American Bandstand
Song Ritchie Played at the Alan Freed ShowHere's a bit of a rattlesnake
Song Buddy Holly plays at the Winter Party Dance Tour
Died in the plane crash with Ritchie
Died in the plane crash with Ritchie
Name of song in the first and last scene of the movieA Santo and Johnny song
Very last word spoken in the movieBob yells on the bridge

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