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Can you name the answers to everything South Park??

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What is the name of Stan's big gay dog?
When Satan boxes Jesus, who is the only person to bet on Jesus?
What chocolate treat is a favorite of Sally Struthers?
What supplement does Cartman take that makes him fatter rather than stronger?
Substitute teacher Miss Ellen actually turns out to be a fugitive from this country
To help South Park's school nurse fit in, the town throws a '___ ___ Myslexia Awareness Week'
Stan's new stepfather, Roy, really wants him to chop what?
The rigged carny game requires you to throw oversized balls through what celebrity's mouth?
The episode Spookyfish was filmed in 'Spooky Vision', with what celebrity's face always in the corner of the screen?
In the South Park world, what show did Steve Irwin host?
Unfrozen man 'Steve' freaks out after seeing what singer performing 'Stinky Britches' on TV?
The boys tie Cartman to a cross and leave him in the wildnerness in order to get Kyle's dad what?
The Succubus loves singing this song, and singing it backward is the only way to defeat her
Mr. Adler repeatedly tells his shop class students that they '__ ___' too much
What band does Skyler start as a solo project?
What cat arranges and performs in a large scale orgy?
After being fired, Sexual Harassment Panda returns as Petey the 'Don't ___ People' Panda
What celebrity was violently raped by the christmas critters?
What Chinpokomon could be worn by a human?
Cartman and Kenny attempt to build a tree house based on the layout of '___ Village 2000'
What singer performs at the South Park Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance?
What song does that singer perform?
What show is the theme of the Trapper Keepers the boys get?
Korn can't decide whether the ghosts haunting them are 'pirate ghosts' or what?
In the 'Great Expectations' parody, Malcolm McDowell begins the episode in live action and is given what three word title?
Again in 'Great Expectations', Pip is sent to London with the purpose of learning fencing, archery and how to what?
Chef performs 'The Prostitute Song' with what singer?
When Kenny will do anything for money, he appears on the Howard Stern show with Johnny Knoxville and what other celebrity?
'The Provider' actually winds up being a statue of who?
In Imaginationland, what fictional character do the terrorists use to knock down the wall to set free all the evil characters?
When all of South Park's parents are arrested for molestation, the children divide the town into 'Treasure Cove' and what other town?
When Big Gay Al is fired as leader of the scouts, he is actually replaced by a pedophile who goes by what name?
When Kenny posed for his school picture with his butt where his head should be, who got in trouble for an 'inappropriate picture' instead?
Older skiier Tad repeatedly mocks Stan by calling him what?
What's the name of Russell Crowe's boat?
Sea-people + Sea-men = ?
Where were you, when they built the ladder to heaven? Did it make you feel like cryin, or did ya think it was kinda ____?
The name Rob Reiner goes by when sneaking the boys into the tobacco factory
Inside Mr. Slave's ass, Lemmiwinks encounters the Frog King, Catata fish, and who else?
Who is the star of Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb?
After attending John Edward's show, Kyle believes his dead grandma wants him to attend what school?
The hosts of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are actually what?
What song does Stan dance to in order to serve the kids from the OC?
What video game features the user chasing a dragon that they can never catch?
When the girls make a list ranking the boys in their class, who is #1 on the REAL list?
Questions 46-58: Who said it? - 'Oh Lord, they didn't bring a victim child.'
'I'm not a douche!'
'You are too a douche! I'm nominating you for biggest douche in the universe!'
'I just couldn't let him live, he shocked Santa's balls!'
'Jeez what a little crybaby. You gonna cry all day, crybaby? You know, everyone has problems, that doesn't mean you need to be a little crybaby about it.'
'You just got f'd in the a!'
'A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time.'
'I thought this was America!'
'But we gots to have AIDS before we pee in her eye socket!'
'This is Bill Beelicheck. Head coach of the New England Patriots. He's won three Super Bowls. How? He cheated.'
'There is nothing you can do to stop this fight! I am going to wipe the playground with you right in front of everyone!'
'You guys took my birthday money, got me arrested, sent to Miami with no way home except to take down the country of Peru - and I'm being a dick?'
'It was about this time that I noticed this 'girl scout' was in fact an 8 story tall crustacean from the Protozoic era'

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