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A: footballing Stanley
B: 40s/50s/60s holiday camp
C: where you take your prescription
D: Lonnie's old man was one, collecting the rubbish
E: band aid
F: the floor one up from the ground
G: Secombe/Milligan/Sellers
H: not just one day off, but typically lasts 2 weeks and involves travel abroad
I: the place to go for cheap frozen food
J: dessert that goes with ice cream
K: comedian with diddy men (1st name)
L: a way to be out in cricket
M: another footballing Stanley
N: steal; arrest
O: place to get alcohol to take home
P: drunk, not angry
Q: stand in line
R: drivers patiently wait their turn to join
S: pedestrian passage beneath a busy junction
T: Long-running music show
U: Your starter for 10
V: Reg in On the Buses
W: Cup final venue
X: holiday associated with eating turkey
Y: a long time
Z: 60s Merseyside police drama

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