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Clue5-letter word
Fat garlic loving enemy of Mario
Face of Nintendo
Famous sword brand from Toledo
Fire emblem guy/girl
Trade centers or markets
Adult male deer
To drag something on the ground
Have one's home or origins in
Dangerous weather condition
Done, produced, or occurring every day or every weekday
Tomboy princess
Establishment dealing in milk products
Covered with hair
Threadlike growths
Have one's home or origins in
Large rooms for assemblies
Discontinue the progress or motion of
Another word for Baltic people
Famous Siberian husky
'Short' in spanish
Ace pilot of the Star fox team
Professional golfer Nick _____
2019 Nintendo Switch game
Losing hair
Musical groups
Judges benches
A bet in certain gambling games
Character in Diddy Kong Racing
A bet in certain gambling games
Judges benches
Kills with poison
Mentally Sound individuals
Resembling in every relevant aspect
Hails from Planet Zebes
Resembling in every relevant aspect
A type of ornamental pattern
What i'm a waste of for creating this awful ladder
the above word but with an 'I' as the 2'nd letter
Vampire hunter
1920's Actor, Larry _____
A fluid produced by the male reproductive system
A type of ornamental pattern, again
Process of burning the surface of something
Presses close
Department store company
Withered dry
Have a portion of (something) with another or others
Scary fish
The B-52's hit 'Love _____'
Remove the husk or shell from
I'm really feeling it!
A race between racing shells, each propelled by one, two, or four oarsmen pulling two oars
Cleanse or polish by hard rubbing
Rains lightly
Online watch store based in Moscow
Smug smile
Smart, jaunty, spruce
(Scots) To smoke
Actually appears on the Smash roster twice
smeik. **** it
A dishonest person
Strike sharply
Lay one upon the other
Harsh in appearance
Fixed luminous points in the night sky which is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun
Clue5-letter word
You can buy
Give up to another for money
They make ringing sounds
NFL team from Orchard Park
Xanax and Adderall for example
Used to survey public opinions
Move along by repeatedly turning over
Parts played by actors
2003 Shia LaBeouf movie
Raises in pitch, as a musical tone
One that practices their skills a lot
Treat with respect
A contributor
Intense mental distress
Coquelicot f.e.
The bobwhite or any of several related New World game birds
Acute abdominal pain
A geometric curve
Face of Sega, 90's icon
A geometric curve
A poisonous alkaloid
A lordless samurai
Tome wielder from the fire emblem series
Black brittle friable resin
A viscous substance obtained from certain plants
Rest on the tookus
To change things back to how they were
Face with masonry
Fasten with a type of bolt
A large natural stream of water
Body organ or part
One that loves another
To get closer to the ground
Nintendo _____ magazine
Card game
Anime in Smash
Any ray other than the skate
Emitting smoke
Making of the color of a reddish flower
Cook with dry heat
Fried Swiss dish
Buddhist leader
Smash's Dinosaur
Buddhist leader
Fried Swiss dish
Cook with dry heat
He's gotz the _____ (greatest amount)
Muslim houses of worship
Makes fun of
Waterproof coats
Distance relative from speed of body to speed of sound
European herb
Move about stealthily
Sheet of microfilm
A woman's scarf
Only pokemon with it's evolve form in Smash as well
A woman's scarf
Sheet of microfilm
Move about stealthily
European herb
Discoloration in a mineral
Pacific island vine
Volcanic crater
Clue5-letter word
Spring off the ground
An equal
Freedom from disturbance
Not Bowser Jr's mother
Freedom from disturbance
An equal
To burn again
Catch in a trap
Hideo Kojima creation
Catch in a trap
seare again
NFL HOF'er Tom _____
Faithful to one's allegiance
Houston Texans TE, Darren _____
Slang for a man
Federal Land Development Authority
Titular character of several Nintendo games
Federal 'E' Land Development Authority
Slang for a guy
Indifferent to the pain of others
Small wooded valleys
Little girls prized possessions
A point score in some games
A rogue
Causing laughter or amusement
Let saliva flow from mouth
King _ ____ main antagonist of a nintendo cartoon
Former monetary unit of Estonia
Sing softly
Something royalty wears on their head
Another word for ravens
You harvest these
Shut within an enclosure
Make the sound of hoof striking pavement
The center of attraction
Friends with Tifa, Barret, and a robotic talking cat
The center of attraction
Make the sound of hoof striking pavement
Shut within an enclosure
Play a jazz accompaniment
Most popular in the summertime
Camoflauge patterns
A pitch-raising device for fretted instruments
A gelded rooster
An inverted circumflex
Collide with and rebound
yet another fire emblem sword wielder
An inverted circumflex
An inverted circumflex
A law decreed by a church council
A cape worn by the pope
A town in central Italy
Long pointed teeth
The fabled Chinese phoenix
A respiratory organ
An alchemical designation for silver
Modern Shy guy from mother
An alchemical designation for silver
A respiratory organ
A loincloth worn by men in India
Celebrated in 2013 as the year of ____
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