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Can you name the Highest grossing films 90s?

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Jack Dawson
Darth Maul
Poor goat
Aliens have landed
Best musical
A very wealthy gardener
Haley Joel Osment
No goat this time
Agent K
Michael Bay
A talented potter
Street rat
We've got debris
Normandy Invasion
Harry & Marv
Basil Exposition
Pierce is allergic to pepper
Catherine Tramell
American Civil War
Riddle me this and riddle me that
Lee vs Ford
Your pants on fire
This tape will self-destruct
Gere & Roberts
embarrassing zipper accident
Harry & Marv 2
Wolfgang Petersen
Lovell, Swigert and Haise
Switch & Apoc
In the jungle
John LIttle
Sonny Koufax
Max Shreck
Kevin Spacey as Hopper
Bobby Boucher
Mitch McDeere
Rick O'Connell
Rod Tidwell

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