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The doctrine of Immaculate Conception refers to the conception of who by the Holy Spirit?
A common theme in Luke's gospel is the journey to where?
In Luke's gospel, who were baby Jesus' first visitors?
Who do the apostles get to replace Judas?
Sources used for Luke are L , Q, and what else?
Luke and Acts are addressed to who?
Theophilus means what?
Who was the traveling companion of Luke's author?
About how many people were converted at Pentecost?
About ___% of Mark in seen in Luke.
Luke called Jesus what?
The Beatitudes in Luke are more materialized and ____________.
What is it called when Gabriel appears to Mary?
Which pharisee stood up for Peter and John?
When Mary visits Elizabeth it is called the what?
The term martyr comes from what word?
Mary's exalting prayer is called what?
The first Christian martyr in Acts is who?
Luke tells us that the kingdom is _____ us.
It's original Jewish name was the 'Feast of Weeks'
The Greek word for Lord
Who was the short tax collector who climbed up a tree to see Jesus better?
Paul wanted to be tried in a court in _______.
What is Mary's 'yes' to God called?
What is the symbol for Luke's gospel?
What natural phenomenon accompanies the death of Jesus in Luke?
What did Jesus ask for in the upper room?
Paul was converted on the road to __________?
The Council of Jerusalem decided that what was not necessary to follow Jesus?
Who was originally a tent-maker?

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