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Can you name the characters from CSI, Law and Order, and NCIS?

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Abby Sciuto
Jimmy Palmer
Matt Devlin
George Huang
TJ Jaruszalski
Mac Taylor
Robert Goren
Lindsay Monroe/Messer
Eric Delko
Gil Grissom
Sheldon Hawkes
Don Flack
Leon Vance
Kensi Blye
Fin Tutuola
Al Robbins
Elizabeth Rodgers
Jenny Shepard
Natalie Chandler
G. Callen
Arleen Gonzalez
Jack McCoy
Alexx Woods
Eric Beale
Lennie Briscoe
Elliot Stabler
Ed Green
Ron Carver
Sara Sidle
Jonah Dekker
Donald Cragen
Sid Hammerback
David Phillips
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Sam Hanna
Ziva David
Tim McGee
Alexandra Eames
Alesha Phillips
Caitlin Todd
Hetty Lange
Olivia Benson
Natalia Boa Vista
Anita Van Buren
Adam Ross
Ricardo Moraels
Nick Stokes
David Hodges
Ronnie Brooks
Stella Bonasera
Ryan Wolfe
Catherine Willows
Tony DiNozzo
Frank Tripp
John Munch
Melinda Warner
Marty Deeks
Warrick Brown
Nell Jones
Donald (Ducky) Mallard
Danny Messer
Greg Sanders
Jim Brass
Horatio Caine
James Deakins
Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Schiff
Elizabeth Rodgers

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