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QUIZ: Can you name the stuff about me??

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My Birthday (dd,mm,year)
My middle name
Marie, Mary, Leigh or Victoria 
My phobia
Snakes, Spiders, Heights, Death 
Favourite Colour
Cat's Name
Fluffy, Midnight, Scout, K.C 
Favourite Childhood Game
House, Hide and Seek, Monopoly, Tag 
Scottish, Brittish, Jamaican, Irish 
What can I not Sleep Without?
Pillows, a Bear, Nightlight, Fan 
Level 1 in Moving Water for what?
Kayaking, Swimming, Canoeing rapids, Synchro 
Born in?
Perth, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Sitka 
What was my name supposed to be?
Hannah montana, Jamie Victoria, Sharon Leigh, Spenser Lee 

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