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QUIZ: Can you name the EastEnders Actors - Created 2016?

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Ray Dixon
Charlie Slater
Angie Watts
Danny Moon
Shabnam Masood
Bianca Butcher
Rainie Cross
Nigel Bates
Natalie Evans
Kate Mitchell
Libby Fox
Morgan Butcher
Alice Branning
Spencer Moon
Poppy Meadow
Jim Branning
Adam Best
Carl White
Shirley Carter
Mick Carter
Vincent Hubbard
Kathy Sullivan
Danielle Jones
Peggy Mitchell
Yolande Trueman
Dotty Cotton
Sean Slater
Little Mo Mitchell
Elaine Peacock
Zainab Masood
Robbie Jackson
Tanya Cross
Gus Smith
Louise Mitchell
Terry Spraggan
Lee Carter
Babe Smith
Johnny Carter
Phil Mitchell
Carmel Kazemi
Ava Hartman
Aleks Shirovs
Kevin Wicks
Archie Mitchell
Abi Branning
Nick Cotton
Patrick Trueman
Frank Butcher
Tony King
Liam Butcher
Kyle Slater
Keith Miller
Tyler Moon
Sam Mitchell
Ruby Allen
Zoe Slater
Liz Turner
Tamwar Masood
Simon Wicks
Grace Olubunmi
Preeti Choraria
Sadie Young
Lynne Hobbs
Li Chong
Andy Flynn
Dexter Hartman
Beppe Di Marco
Dennis Rickman Sr
Billy Mitchell
Nancy Carter
Stan Carter
Jodie Gold
Barry Evans
Afia Masood
Tracey the Barmaid
Charlie Cotton
Claudette Hubbard
Syd Chambers
Demi Miller
Anthony Moon
Johnny Allen
Paul Trueman
Pam Coker
AJ Ahmed
Bobby Beale
Owen Turner
Callum Monks
Clare Bates
Ethel Skinner
Ronnie Mitchell
Stella Crawford
Rosie Miller
Jamie Mitchell
Belinda Peacock
Mickey Miller
Kirsty Branning
Peter Beale
Kush Kazemi
Pauline Fowler
Shakil Kazemi
Darren Miller
Mark Fowler
Rose Cotton
Sharon Mitchell
Buster Briggs
Bert Atkinson
Roxy Mitchell
Lou Beale
Dennis Rickman Jr
Cindy Williams
Whitney Dean
Pete Beale
Tiffany Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
Derek Harkinson
Amira Masood
Andrew Cotton
Tina Carter
Bradley Branning
Al Jenkins
Dot Branning
Carol Jackson
David Wicks
Derek Branning
Ben Mitchell
Rebecca Fowler
Heather Trott
Jack Branning
Mandy Salter
Chrissie Watts
Ricky Butcher
Jake Stone
Jake Moon
Stacey Fowler
Michelle Fowler
Sam James
Chelsea Fox
Melanie Owen
Cora Cross
Denise Fox
Michael Moon
Gavin Sullivan
Nana Moon
Masood Ahmed
Diane Butcher
Paul Coker
Lauren Branning
Steven Beale
Christian Clarke
Jay Mitchell
Naomi Julien
Sonia Fowler
Vinnie Monks
Honey Mitchell
Julie Perkins
Janine Butcher
Ryan Malloy
Lucy Beale
Danny Pennant
May Wright
Roy Evans
Glenda Mitchell
Alfie Moon
Den Watts
Max Branning
Cindy Beale
Linda Carter
Dawn Swann
Martin Fowler
Fatboy Chubb
Garry Hobbs
Jean Slater
Les Coker
Courtney Mitchell
Syed Masood
Carly Wicks
Kim Fox-Hubbard
Jase Dyer
Greg Jessop
Laura Beale
Mo Harris
Ian Beale
Lisa Fowler
Tosh Mackintosh
Mercy Olubunmi
Steve Owen
Pat Butcher
Zsa Zsa Carter
Emma Summerhayes
Dean Wicks
Eddie Moon
Arthur Fowler
Jane Beale
Leon Small
Vanessa Gold
Yusef Khan
Joey Branning
Donna Yates
Minty Peterson
Lola Pearce

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