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Anxious or fidgety normal type with high HP
Very cold three-headed poison type
Non-imaginary water type
Lame Hypnotic Elephant
Unborn bug-poison type
Entertainment device for a normal type who can evolve into one of several options
The edition of something (e.g. a Pokemon game) named after a cat Pokemon
Used horned rock-ground type as a test subject
An obstacle for a water starter to overcome
Purple shell of greater age
Weed Pokemon from north Britain
Rock-ground type that visits many places
Damper spiked shell
What you say to your Eevee evolution when it can resume whatever it was doing
Spanish for 'beautiful fire-horse'
A male flower Pokemon who is getting married; or to clean and tidy up said Pokemon
Goldfish Pokemon who has learned to talk
What you say when a projectile is quickly approaching your purple toxic blob
Mushroom Pokemon containing iron
What happened when a hardening bug encountered a deity
A very recently acquired ground type
A bird who saves the day
A ghost type that mocks its rivals
What happens when a psychic-ice type closes its eyes briefly
One psychic legendary was aware of the information...
...And the other psychic legendary was also aware of the information

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