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Can you name the first words said by the characters on How I Met Your Mother?

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Future TedThe first line in the show.
BoyWhat did we do?
GirlHow long?
TedDon't have sex on the kitchen floor.
LilyStarts with 'I'm exhausted.'
BarneyA phone call. Not a catchphrase. 'Now I've got a new thing: Lebanese girls :)'
RobinHi, haaaaaave you met Ted?
RanjitWhere is he from?
CarlThat was the signal.
Marvin Ericksen Sr.Lily's relationship to him.
VictoriaA rule about weddings. Starts with 'I should tell you...'
Sandy RiversReading the paper. Starts with 'Here we have...'
Wendy The WaitressIt's Ted's birthday. What did he order?
StellaTed's tattoo
ZoeyOutside the Arcadian. She's not a tranny. But you have her re-thinking that eye shadow.
PunchyReal name: Adam Punchiarello
NoraOn Desparation Day, she doesn't show up on time.
KevinKevin is Robin's therapist. But why?
George VanSmoot (The Captain)'A real man chooses his own name.'
James Stinson'How in God's name did it never come up that Barney has a gay, black brother?
ScooterNot in a corporate, plastic kind of way.
Don FrankI'm your new co-anchor.
Arthur HobbsArtillery Arthur. Just saying hi.

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