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Can you name the characters from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

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DescriptionCharacter Name
The game's protagonist (Too simple!)
The masked imp
The young horse who is captured
Majora's Mask is stolen from him
Offers Title Deeds
The leader of the child group
The name of the Clock Town child group
Right-handed 'fairy' who sells maps
Gives Link magic power
The mayor of Clock Town
Clock Town mayor's wife
The leader of the Clock Town soldiers
The head of the Carnival of Time builders
The astronomer who has a telescope
The owner of the Milk Bar, Latte
The leader of the Carnival of Time troupe
The couple who have a different game each day
The jugglers of the Carnival of Time troupe
Twin dancers who are in need of a teacher
Has a music box who stole a mask from a dog
Woman at the Stock Pot Inn who is waiting for marriage
The owner of the Stock Pot Inn
An old woman in the Inn who loves to tell boring stories
The thing in the Stock Pot Inn's toilet
The Stock Pot Inn owner's deceased husband
Had a wedding mask stolen by a thief from Ikana
Operates the Curiosity Shop
A mysterious thief from Ikana Canyon
Keeps your Rupees safe during time travel
DescriptionCharacter Name
Sells bombs
Tries to bring in a bigger Bomb bag
The owner of the Swordsman's School
Delivers letters to the people in Clock Town
A mysterious yellow fox who loves quizzes
Your fairy partner in the game
Your fairy partner's brother
A strange dancer who only comes out at night
A witch who runs the Boating Cruise
A witch who runs the Potion Shop
Loves pictographs and father of the 'fairy' map salesman
Accused of kidnapping in swamp region
An amphibian who is waiting for spring
Sells magic beans in the Deku Palace
The ruler of the Deku Kingdom
Leads Link through a maze
Gets captured by boss of Woodfall Temple
A wise, annoying owl
Co-owner of the Mountain Smithy
Co-owner of the Mountain Smithy who is hard to understand
Hero of the Gorons who passed away
The ruler of the Gorons
A crybaby who misses his father
Gives out a license to carry Powder Kegs
Giant invisible Goron who blocks the way to Snowhead Temple
Teaches you alternate forms of the Song of Time
Suspicious ranchers who like to race on horses
Tries to protect the ranch from ghosts
The owner of Romani Ranch
DescriptionCharacter Name
The owner of the Doggy Racetrack
Wishes that his Cuccos would grow into adults
Keeps a fish tank which can hold Zora Eggs
Live in the Waterfall Rapids
The guitarist of the Indigo-Gos
The drummer of the Indigo-Gos
The bassist of the Indigo-Gos
The band leader and pianist of the Indigo-Gos
The singer of the Indigo-Gos
The manager of the Indigo-Gos
The leader of the Gerudo Pirates
Owns a hut near the Oceanside Spider House
Needs to go home to Pinnacle Rock
The original owner of the Stone Mask
Gravekeeper who is scared of skeletons
The deceased captain of the Ikana Army
Composer brother who teaches Song of Storms
Composer brother who is cursed
Girl in Ikana Canyon who is scared of Gibdos
Mummified man in Ikana Canyon
Four Poes who are related
High-ranked soldiers in the Ikana Army
The ancient King of Ikana
The boss of the Woodfall Temple
The boss of the Snowhead Temple
The boss of the Great Bay Temple
The boss of the Stone Tower Temple
The ultimate antagonist in the game

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