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A large wild canine.
The joint between the upper arm and the forearm.
A person trained primarily in stealth, espionage, assassination and the Japanese martial arts.
__________ Man, starring Dustin Hoffman (not Rain Man)
Flightless sea birds, found in the Southern Hemisphere.
A region of space that contains no matter.
A medium used to capture images in a camera.
The small oval fruit of this tree, sometimes black sometimes green.
Food formed of various ingredients between two slices of bread.
A substance that is flowing, and keeping no shape, such as water.
A collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc.
A person that is a legally recognized as a member of a state.
A mechanical device used to produce rotation to move a vehicle or machine.
A large hairy humanoid creature of western North America, that does not exist.
Part of the nucleus of an atom and having no charge.
The vertical distance below a surface.
First, Second, Third, Fourth...
And the next one...
A spoken remark.

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